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Clarendon House Creative is deeply rooted in the wedding and event industry. I started with photography from a young age, shooting any wedding I could. With a degree in Graphic and Media Design, I found my love of print and started with my own wedding when I was a junior in college. Today, I have since added event styling among my creative talents. I love weddings, but hate what the industry has become. I seek to offer outstanding services at an affordable price. 

Photography was my first love. Before I discovered graphic design - and ultimately choosing to pursue a degree in it - I told my parents I wanted to go to school to be a wedding photographer. 

I'm Brittany, and I'm so honored that you're here. I am wife of almost seven years to a stud of a man (my high school sweetheart), and Mama to my daughter, Rin. We spend most of our days playing, working, walking, and watching (we love movies). God is the biggest part of our life and we live by the truth and conviction of His word, doing our best to love others and be a light in this dim world. I am a big fan of church, dessert, board games, dance, music, Pinterest, and - my newest hobby - making felt play food for my 1 year old's play kitchen. 


I am a multipotentialite (a creative with multiple passions) whether it be behind the lens, at the computer, creating tablescapes, designing events, DIY-ing my daughter's play things, or decorating homes.

I have had many creative endeavors in my twenty-eight years on God's beautiful creation, but photography was my first love. Before I discovered graphic design - and ultimately choosing to pursue a degree in it - I told my parents I wanted to go to school to be a wedding photographer. My mom flat-out told me "you can't have a career as a photographer. You won't make enough money". Listening to her well-meaning words, I chose graphic design as my career path. But while in school, I would shoot any wedding asked of me and I continued pursuing photography on the side until I officially founded my own studio in 2018.

When we were blessed with a baby, I left my job designing for a magazine to stay home with our daughter. Being a stay-at-home Mama has opened doors for me to go "full-time" with photography and rekindled my passion for capturing unscripted moments of everyday life.

About Ivy Lane

Today, I have never been more dedicated to photographing couples, families and weddings across the world. My faith and my family are the most important things in my life, and both have instilled in me an even deeper passion for creating and capturing beauty in every single wild, mundane, momentous, complicated, picture-perfect, and messy part of life.

Words hold significant weight. Ivy Lane Photography derives its name from the belief that photographs make our memories evergreen and everlasting.

Ivy is an evergreen plant, one that never loses its leaves. Photographs, memories that have been frozen in time, never cease to exist, and especially in the digital age of online galleries and social media. Lane is defined as "a narrow way or well-defined passage". Narrow as the memory may be, it never fades. 

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